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Recognized equipment and devices

As of July 2017

We assume a portion of the costs of medical equipment and devices prescribed by a doctor that are not covered by basic insurance or are supplementary to AHV/IV benefits.

You must submit the refusal of cover from the IV/AHV along with a doctor’s prescription.

Hearing and speech aids

  • Hearing aids
  • Speech aids after larynx operations

Devices to stabilize the limbs and torso

  • Prosthetics replacing any limb
  • Orthopedic corsets for the torso
  • Neck braces
  • Splints for ankles, knee joints or wrists as well as for fingers or feet

Mobility aids

  • Walkers and other walking aids (e.g. frames or crutches)
  • Wheelchairs
  • Orthopedic shoes
  • Shoe inlays

Bed-rest aids

  • Mattresses and pillows to prevent the formation of pressure sores (decubitus)
  • Electrically adjustable nursing bed


  • Blood-pressure monitors
  • Wigs (for cancer patients)

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