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Payment options

Choose a simple and fast means of payment. Pay online in just a few clicks and help the environment at the same time.

LSV / Direct Debit

You'll receive your premium invoice as usual. Your bank or PostFinance sends you a debit statement which you can object to within 30 days.

  1. Complete the Lastschriftverfahren (LSV) or Debit Direct (DD) form.
  2. Send the completed application for LSV to your bank, or send your application for DD to AXA.
  3. Please note: LSV / Debit Direct only applies to future bills. If bills you have already received are pending, you still have to pay these using the original payment slip.


Receive your bill via Online or Mobile Banking. No more typing in long reference numbers, no more filing of paper bills – just check the amount and release for payment. The encrypted transmission makes this method especially secure.

Three steps to your e-bill
  1. Log in to your Online Banking.
  2. Register for e-bills in your Online Banking portal.
  3. Click on the list of billers in the e-bill area and select AXA. Enter your data including the policy number in the form.

You will receive all future bills from AXA online. After a check, you can pay the bill with just three clicks. You can download the e-bill as a PDF if you so wish. Life insurance, investment products and occupational benefits insurance products can be paid using e-bills.

More information about e-bills

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