Financial investments

Build up capital, protect dependants

Find out how you can build up your capital on the equity market sustainably and securely while at the same time protecting your family members.

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Financial investments

Build up capital sustainably and on a return-oriented basis while financially protecting your family members. Benefit from the combination of guaranteed pay-outs and profitable investments from your savings on the equity market.

  • Guaranteed lump sum payment
  • Return-oriented investment
  • Protect your family

Multi Asset Invest - investment certificates with capital protection

These are investment products with guaranteed lump sum payment and participation in the investment markets, including free custody account management

Certificates currently available

Capital protection 95% and 100%
Security no.: 470 800 90, term: 10 years

Frequently asked questions

  • Where's my money safer – in a bank or an insurance company?

    Life insurance companies are required by law to guarantee all liabilities arising from their customers' life insurance contracts. The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) even guarantees payments when an insurance company goes bankrupt. Deposits at a bank are only legally protected up to CHF 100,000.

  • What is inheritance privilege?
    • In the event of death, the lump sum payment does not become part of the estate but  is paid to the beneficiaries directly and immediately.
    • If heirs who are entitled by law to a portion sue for abatement, the beneficiaries of a policy are eligible for at minimum the difference between the lump sum payment and the surrender value.
    • Beneficial ownership from the insurance remains in effect even if the eligible heir, spouse, registered partner, parent, grandparent, or sibling renounces the inheritance.
  • What is debt enforcement and bankruptcy privilege?
    • If you have a tied pension policy, entitlement to insurance benefits can neither be pledged nor included in the bankrupt estate before the policy matures.
    • If you have a life insurance policy as flexible pension provision and, as policyholder, bankruptcy proceedings are initiated or a loss certificate is issued against you, your life insurance is transferred automatically to your beneficiary spouse or registered partner, or to your eligible children.

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