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Coverage for damage to third parties

Personal liability insurance

A mishap can happen quickly – protect you and your family from the financial consequences.

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Your advantages

  • Amount of insurance of up to CHF 10 m
  • Use of third-party vehicles can be insured
  • Personal advice possible despite on-line purchase

Purchase advice: 0800 800 501

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One insurance for any event

Personal liability insurance protects you and the members of your family from claims for personal injury or property damage that you cause to others, and protects you against unsubstantiated claims.

You are insured

  • as house owner, tenant, sub-tenant
  • as animal keeper
  • driving third-party vehicles
  • while doing sports
  • while exercising a secondary occupation up to a maximum of CHF 12,000 p.a.
  • against unsubstantiated accusations

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Examples of damage/loss

Strikes a pedestrian

Strikes a pedestrian

Pascal is in a hurry and strikes a pedestrian with his bicycle. She falls and injures her leg.

  1. Statement of costs
  2. Recourse of the accident insurer for medical expenses CHF 2,500
  3. Replacement clothing / handbag of pedestrian CHF 700
  4. Total damage/loss CHF 3,200
  5. Pascal's deductible CHF 200
  6. Compensation by AXA CHF 3,000
Parquet floor ruined

Parquet floor ruined

Just a moment of absentmindedness, and Anja knocks a vase of flowers and its contents onto the floor of her rented apartment. A major portion of the parquet floor (solid wood) needs replacing.

  1. Statement of costs
  2. Value of the parquet floor (40 m2) CHF 9,800
  3. Repairs to the wall due to splashes CHF 500
  4. Total damage/loss CHF 10,300
  5. Anja’s deductible CHF 200
  6. Compensation by AXA CHF 10,100
Self-inflicted accident with borrowed car

Self-inflicted accident with borrowed car

Diana is tired after a day trip and crashes her colleague's car (no comprehensive accidental damage coverage) into the wall of her house. No injuries, just lots of bodywork damage.

  1. Statement of costs
  2. Total damage/loss CHF 20,000
  3. Towing fees CHF 1,000
  4. Total damage/loss CHF 21,000
  5. Diana’s deductible CHF 2,100
  6. Compensation by AXA CHF 18,900

Support and frequently asked questions

  • I had an accident with my friend's car. How must I report the claim?

    The car has full accidental damage insurance

    1. Report the damage to the motor vehicle insurance, which will cover the repairs.

    2. Report the damage to your liability insurance, which will pay the loss of bonus caused by the claim.

    The car does not have full accidental damage insurance

    Report the damage to your liability insurance, which will cover the repairs. The personal liability insurance OPTIMA includes "use of third-party vehicles," whereas this is covered by supplementary insurance with a BASIC personal liability policy.

  • Moving house: The walls of my old apartment are damaged. What must I do?

    Ideally, you should let us know before you hand over the apartment. Our Claims Service will discuss with you how to proceed.

    If you cannot clarify the matter in advance, complete the handover protocol together with the landlord. All defects must be recorded in the protocol. Subsequently send us the protocol so that we can pay for the insured damage and protect you against any unsubstantiated claims.

  • Is liability insurance compulsory?

    No, but if, for example, you cause an accident involving another family's breadwinner, you will be held liable for this person's loss of earnings plus the cost of their treatment. This could ruin you financially unless you have insurance.

    Personal liability insurance also protects you against any unsubstantiated financial claims you may face.

  • Does the insurance cover my whole family?

    Yes. If you take out insurance and include additional persons who live in the same household, AXA will count the following as a family member:

    • The policyholder
    • The spouse or registered partner
    • The cohabiting partner
    • Any unmarried children or other persons below the age of 20
    • Any unmarried children between the ages of 20 and 30 who are not gainfully employed
    • Any other persons listed by name on the policy

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