Supplementary hospitalization insurance: Does this make sense for me?

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Nobody wants to go to hospital, but sometimes inpatient care is unavoidable. Supplementary hospitalization insurance allows you to make your stay as pleasant as possible and gives you freedom of choice in terms of levels of comfort and privacy. Our AXA expert explains the various models available.

When an operation or a stay in hospital is required, patients often want to choose the doctor and hospital that treat them as well as the level of privacy they need. Unfortunately, basic insurance does not cover many of these costs. Basic insurance will cover treatment and hospitalization costs for the hospitals on the list available for the canton where the patient lives. For a free choice of hospital on a Swiss-wide basis, the supplementary “Hospital General Ward” insurance option is required. This option covers the additional cost of treatment outside the canton of residence.

Those looking to enjoy further hospitalization benefits need to take out either “Hospital Semi-Private” or “Hospital Private” supplementary cover.

Benefits under semi-private and private insurance

The “Semi-Private” and “Private” supplementary insurance options provide patients with greater comfort. Those with “Semi-Private” cover have a free choice of doctor throughout Switzerland and are entitled to a two-bed room. “Private” cover means that additional extras are provided: You will have a one-bed room, plus a free choice of doctor and will be treated by the senior physician in public hospitals. Although this is the most expensive of all the supplementary hospitalization options, the cost of premiums can be brought down via the cost-contribution model you select.

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“Flex” model for more freedom of choice

Those looking for more flexibility when it comes to choosing the hospital ward where they will be treated can make use of a very special type of supplementary hospitalization cover: the “Hospital Flex” model. “Flex” allows insured persons to decide spontaneously, before an upcoming hospital stay, whether they want to be treated in the general ward or in a semi-private or private ward. Choosing the private option can make sense if major surgery is involved, for example, whereas a general ward can be perfectly adequate for a very short stay.

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