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Enjoy life in retirement according to your wishes. AXA will be happy to advise you on optimal retirement provision.

Retirement & old age

Even if you’ve worked your whole life and always paid contributions, retirement brings with it a drop in income of about one third. By 50 at the latest, you ought to know where you stand. Close the gaps in your retirement income early and receive a guaranteed, regular additional income in retirement.

  • Secure investment
  • Close income gaps in retirement
  • Guaranteed additional income
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    How much can I expect after I retire?

    How much money will I receive from Pillars 1 and 2? How big is the difference to my current monthly budget? Calculate your income gap with our pension calculator today!

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Efficient capital accrual for your retirement provision

Improve the rest of your life. Invest consistently and as early as possible in your financial future. You yourself have the most to gain. Not just better quality of life, but also more freedom in planning the last of your working years. Use the opportunities offered by AXA to close income gaps in retirement and even to save taxes.

Reasons for retirement provision

  • More money for a care-free old age
  • Protection from financial sacrifices after retirement (on average minus 30%)
  • Life-long monthly income of the amount you choose
  • Sensible investment in your future, with no risk of losses
  • Attractive tax benefits

Guaranteed extra income in old age

Invest in financial freedom after your retirement. Almost unlimited solution mixes guarantee you a regular additional income in retirement. Either for a defined period or for life. These AXA products are ideally suited to reinvesting capital paid out from Pillar 2 and Pillar 3 investments.

Flexible disbursement plan with guarantee

Secure pension provision solution with attractive yield potential through investment in first-class funds. You will receive guaranteed, regular additional income over a period that is closely tailored to your individual requirements.

Retirement pension

Our retirement pensions offer the ideal supplement to state and occupational pensions and guarantee your future plans.

Support and frequently asked questions

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