Climate & energy

Climate & energy

AXA is committed to climate protection and renewable energies and supports the Energy Strategy 2050 in Switzerland. 

  • 100% renewable energy
  • The main focus of our sustainability strategy
  • Promotion of e-mobility

Environmental targets for 2020 – already achieved in 2017!

As part of our environmental strategy we continuously realize projects in order to save energy and CO2


  • 44% energy saving

    Every year we save as much electricity as is consumed by 1,900 households.

  • 64% less office paper

    For its office operation, AXA exclusively uses 100% recycled paper. Our customers are encouraged to switch to paperless correspondence.

  • 39% less CO2

    This is how much CO2 a car emits if you drive round the earth 220 times.

Business trips are 100% compensated

All CO2 emissions from business trips have been compensated since 2014 through participation in international climate protection projects.

Electricity from 100% renewable sources

Since 2009, AXA has drawn its power from 100% renewable energy, mostly from hydropower. It also produces its own energy from solar power with its own photovoltaic systems on the AXA office buildings in Winterthur and Lausanne.

Environmentally friendly mobility

Our employees have the opportunity to be environmentally friendly when traveling in Switzerland. We offer generous bike stations, e-charging stations and Mobility as a car-sharing partner. 

Mobile working

Today, more than 10% of our employees already work regularly from home. This saves many commutes.


Our commitments

We support our customers and the public in their economical use of energy and make them aware of the relevance of the theme.


  • AXA has withdrawn its investments in companies that generate more than 30% of their revenue from coal.


  • With sustainable offerings and services we promote the environmentally aware behavior and energy efficiency of our customers.
  • Together with the Swiss Auto Trade Association, we offer a free Car Energy Check in the event of a damage claim.
  • As insurance partner of we promote e-mobility and the Europe-wide establishment of e-charging stations.

Real estate

  • By 2030, 75% of AXA real estate will be certified with a sustainability certificate.
  • Since 2017, 10% of the parking spaces in all new builds of AXA Switzerland have been equipped with e-charging stations.
  • AXA is a member of "Zurich Energy Model" and has been successfully implementing programs to improve energy efficiency in office buildings since 2010.


  • As a member of the Swiss Climate Foundation we support energy efficiency and climate protection projects at Swiss SMEs. 
  • Participation in national campaigns for climate protection to raise public awareness, e.g. Energy Challenge 
  • Since 2016 we have been a member of AEE suisse, the umbrella organization for renewable energies and energy efficiency
  • AXA is involved in many projects on the themes of environment and society.


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