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A warranty extension for all your electronic appliances

If you take out a warranty extension when you purchase an electronic appliance, you benefit from long-term certainty. But have you ever calculated the combined cost of all your warranty extensions? A warranty extension from AXA is a lot simpler and cheaper. You extend the warranty for all the electronic appliances in your household until the end of their 5th year of operation – in just a single policy.

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Advantages of AXA's warranty extension

  • One policy for everything
  • 5 full operating years assured
  • Inexpensive and simple

5-year warranty on all electronic devices in the household

AXA's warranty extension is still offering coverage when the risks of a defect rise significantly. These are considerably higher from the third year of operation. As an AXA customer, you can take out our warranty extension for an annual premium of just CHF 199 for tenants or CHF 249 for homeowners.

Insured benefits

All electronic devices are covered that cost from CHF 300 up to a maximum warranty benefit of CHF 10 ,000 per device. The insurance covers only the property of the policyholder.

  • Consumer electronics:
    Stereo/hi-fi systems, SAT receivers, CD/DVD players, home-cinema systems, beamers, game consoles, AV receivers 
  • Office equipment (used privately):
    PC monitors, desktop PCs incl. components, printers, input devices, modems, routers, scanners
  • Mobile electronic devices:
    notebooks, cameras/digicams, mobile audio devices, mobile phones, tablets, game consoles, navigation devices 
  • Electronic kitchen equipment (owned by you):
    stoves, refrigerators, deep-freezes, dishwashers, microwaves, coffee machines, small kitchen appliances
  • Electronic household equipment (owned by you):
    washing machines, tumble driers, wine refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, humidifiers, sewing machines, etc.

The insurance does not cover:

  • Building systems, such as floor heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems and home automation systems
  • Electronic devices in rented apartments (owned by the landlord)
  • Rented, leased or borrowed electronic devices
  • Motorized vehicles
  • E-bikes
  • Flying devices

Insurance term

Coverage applies until the end of the 5th year of operation of each device following expiry of the manufacturer's warranty.

Scope of coverage

Claims due to material, construction and manufacturing defects are covered. Damage due to improper usage or that is your own fault is not covered by the warranty extension.

Comprehensive benefits

  • Repair
  • Replacement device (provided repair is not possible) with the option of an upgrade for a minimal contribution by you
  • AXA guarantees you reliable and fast handling in collaboration with our partner firm Helvetic Warranty GmbH.

Easy claims management

Simply notify us of your claims at or on 0800 700 705. Our partner firm Helvetic Warranty GmbH will then take care of your claim simply and quickly.

Attractive price

  • Annual premium
  • No deductible

Examples of damage/loss

Notebook no longer reacts

Notebook no longer reacts

Tim's notebook suddenly won't start. The screen stays black.

  1. Statement of costs
  2. Replacement of defective hard disk CHF 500
  3. Grand total damage/loss CHF 500
  4. Freight costs for returning notebook CHF 15
  5. Compensation by AXA CHF 500
The stove is no longer working

The stove is no longer working

Sarah places a pan on the stove to heat some pasta, only to discover that it no longer heats up.

  1. Statement of costs
  2. Flat-rate travel costs of repairer CHF 180
  3. Replacement of the control unit CHF 780
  4. Grand total damage/loss CHF 960
  5. Sarah's deductible CHF 0
  6. Compensation by AXA CHF 960
TV is flickering

TV is flickering

Claudio wants to watch an exciting movie, but the picture is flickering and the loudspeakers are hissing.

  1. Statement of costs
  2. Travel costs of repairer CHF 190
  3. Exchange with replacement device CHF 1650
  4. Grand total damage/loss CHF 1840
  5. Family Claudio's deductible CHF 0
  6. Compensation by AXA CHF 1840

Support and frequently asked questions

  • What is a warranty extension?

    This insurance extends the warranty for all electronic devices in your household that cost at least CHF 300. The devices are covered from year 2 of operation until the end of year 5.

  • What devices are covered?

    Devices that belong to the insured, that are operated electronically and that are not used for professional purposes are covered.

  • What risks and claims are covered?

    Damage caused by material, design or manufacturing defect is covered.

  • What is explicitly not covered?

    The following are not covered by the insurance:

    • Building systems, such as floor heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems and home automation systems;
    • Electronic devices in rented apartments that belong to the landlord;
    • Rented, leased or borrowed electronic devices;
    • Motorized vehicles;
    • E-bikes;
    • Flying devices.
  • How high is the deductible?

    The warranty extension has no deductible.

  • From when to when is the contract valid?

    The insurance begins on the date and for the period  specified in the confirmation of insurance. AXA can reject the application up to the time when the confirmation of insurance coverage is issued.

    AXA's obligation to indemnify commences when it receives the first annual premium.

    If the renewal premium is paid when the contract expires, the previous contract shall automatically be extended by one year. If it is not paid, the contract shall lapse with no further obligations.

  • What benefits does AXA provide?

    The maximum warranty benefit is CHF 10,000 per device. The insured benefit is granted as a non-cash benefit: If possible, the insured device will be repaired. Otherwise, it will be replaced.

  • Who can take out the insurance?

    The insurance is exclusively for private individuals who have at least one policy with AXA.

  • Where is the insurance valid?
    • Insured items that weigh less than 10 kilograms are covered worldwide.
    • Insured items that weigh more than 10 kilograms are only covered within the insured location.

    The insured location is the space where the insured person lives and which is listed in the policy, including all rooms such as the basement and storage areas as well as ancillary buildings or common rooms if these are on the same property.

  • How do I file a claim?

    When an insured event occurs, the insured person or eligible claimant must

    • if possible, prevent further damage and seek to minimize damage;
    • report the damage without delay to Helvetic Warranty GmbH at 0800 700 705 or online and follow Helvetic Warranty GmbH's instructions
      to the extent possible;
    • present or submit to Helvetic Warranty GmbH all documents and supporting information necessary to process the claim, in particular original documents regarding the age and value of the damaged device;
    • allow AXA to arrange the repair of the damaged device or, if applicable, acquire a replacement.
  • What is the difference between the warranty extension and household contents insurance?

    Household contents insurance covers household objects in the event of fire, flooding, break-ins/theft/robbery, glass damage and earthquakes. The warranty extension expands the scope of coverage for electronic devices to include material, design and manufacturing defects in accordance with the manufacturer warranty.

  • What should I do if I have insurance questions?
    • Contact us on 0800 700 705 if you have questions regarding the insurance product or for claims.

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