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Contractors' guarantee insurance

Once construction of your house is complete, your need for comprehensive insurance coverage ends. With contractors' guarantee insurance, you guarantee your entitlement to the correction of construction defects by all companies that were involved in the construction work. And you can enjoy your new home free of worries.

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Contractors' guarantee insurance

Insurance overview

AXA provides a work guarantee for claims for incorrect fulfillment of your contract by tradesmen and companies – even if the work has already been accepted. Every company involved in the construction is liable for construction defects for five years following acceptance of the building.

Costs that are covered

  • AXA guarantees 10% of the work contract amount per contractor for the correction of hidden defects
  • Assumption of the costs of an expert to check a reported defect
  • Assumption of coverage in the event of a company going bankrupt
  • Assumption of coverage if a company fails to adhere to its contractual obligations

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