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Builder's risk insurance

A lot can happen before your house has been built: A ceiling can collapse, someone might spray graffiti on your half-completed house wall, the copper wires are stolen overnight. These occurrences can lead to high additional costs and delays to construction. Builder's risk insurance from AXA protects you against these risks.

Requst advice

Builder's risk insurance

Insurance overview

Builder's risk insurance assumes payment of property damage on the construction site. AXA also pays you the benefits that a liability insurer must pay for parties involved in the construction. This ensures uninterrupted continuation of the construction work.

The insurance covers

  • Builder-owners
  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • General contractor
  • Building contractor
  • Construction site workers
  • Geologists

Scope of coverage of builder's risk insurance

  • Damage caused by accidents during construction, e.g. damage to the facade from collapsing scaffolding
  • Cleanup and disposal costs following construction accidents
  • Costs of locating the damage following construction accidents
  • Demolition and reconstruction costs
  • Damage resulting from fire and natural forces
  • Burglary and theft of materials already included in the construction (e.g. doors and windows)
  • Vandalism to the property

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