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Car subscription including legal protection

UPTO makes life easy and offers the perfect alternative to buying or leasing a car for today's world.

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A monthly fixed price – for a flexible period of time

What we've long since been using to listen to music or stream movies is now possible for driving a car: a flexible car subscription that you can adapt to your needs quickly and easily.

Simply choose the vehicle category you want and you can be driving your car for an all-inclusive price for a minimum period of 6 months. To ensure that you can drive off with no worries, alongside registration, your toll-road sticker, all insurance cover, road taxes, and repairs, traffic legal expenses insurance from AXA-ARAG is also included in the package. Thanks to UPTO's cooperation with AXA-ARAG, you, as a subscriber, benefit from traffic legal protection insurance and receive support in legal matters and disputes in the defined areas of law.

Premium insurance cover from AXA-ARAG

With your UPTO vehicle, you are covered as follows while on the road:

  • Civil damages law: Support in the assertion of legal liability claims
  • Criminal law: Support in criminal or administrative proceedings against an accusation of a negligent violation of statutory provisions
  • Revocation of license: Support in case of proceedings over the revocation of driver's licenses or vehicle registration documents

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    Legal protection for private individuals

    Protect your rights as a private individual, while on the road, as a tenant, or as an Internet user.

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    Internet legal protection

    Benefit from comprehensive protection against legal risks when using the internet as a private individual.

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