Commercial legal protection insurance

If employees or customers make demands, it quickly costs a lot of money, time and nerves. AXA-ARAG is your competent partner if you need legal support in your business life.

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Commercial legal protection insurance

An AXA-ARAG product
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  • Legal costs under control
  • Competent support in legal cases

You’re not a corporate customer? You’ll find our legal protection for private individuals here.

Why do you need a commercial legal protection insurance?

Legal disputes carry high risks that are incalculable – how does your company deal with this? You keep the costs easily within budget with legal protection insurance. In disputes, AXA-ARAG doesn’t just represent your legal interests and bear the costs –  it advises and accompanies you in all other legal matters as well. We offer small companies a straightforward total solution.

Comprehensive legal certainty – what does it mean?

If employees, suppliers or customers file claims with your company, the time and cost involved quickly grows. Let AXA-ARAG handle the legal case. With a choice of modules, you can tailor your legal protection optimally to your business.

Benefits/assumption of costs:

  • Legal advice and representation
  • Fees of an independent lawyer
  • Expert opinions
  • Court fees and procedural costs
  • Non-court costs awarded to the opposing party
  • Bail to avoid pre-trial detention (advance payment)
  • Mediation

Basic modules available:

  • Commercial legal protection with amount of insurance up to CHF 1 million
  • Motor legal protection with amount of insurance up to CHF 1 million

Additional modules available:

  • Privacy and internet legal protection with amount of insurance up to CHF 20,000
  • Legal protection for landlords with amount of insurance up to CHF 150,000
  • Contract legal protection with amount of insurance up to CHF 200,000
  • Legal protection for debt enforcement with amount of insurance up to CHF 50,000
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    Legal protection for small companies

    Here you'll find all the coverage for you need as small company in one package.

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    Legal protection for private individuals

    Protect your rights in your private life, while out and about, as a tenant, or as an internet user.

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    MyRight – free online legal support

    On MyRight, you benefit from free access to legal tips as well as numerous checklists and sample letters.

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Examples of damage/loss

Payment of overtime

Payment of overtime

Andreas Fischer, a former employee of yours, demands that you pay him overtime owing in the amount of CHF 35,000. You know that Fischer worked a lot, but the amount of the claim surprises you. His contract of employment ruled out compensation for overtime. AXA-ARAG advises you and tries to find a solution. You and Fischer reach an agreement before the district court to pay him CHF 8,000.

  1. Statement of costs
  2. Payment to employee CHF 8,000
  3. Court fees CHF 2,175
  4. Non-court costs awarded to the opposing party CHF 0
  5. Cost of legal representation CHF 6,000
  6. Cost of consultation by AXA-ARAG CHF 1,000
  7. Benefits paid by AXA-ARAG CHF 17, 175

Legal services

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Exclusively for AXA-ARAG customers: Use our free legal advice through a lawyer or report your legal case to us.

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